Poster Presentation Guidelines

Facilitating good scientific exchange for ASB posters is one of the greatest challenges that we have for this virtual conference.  We welcome your creativity in how you present your posters! 

Format suggestions:

You may format your poster / poster presentation however you want.  However, we suggest you keep a few things in mind as you do so:

●  People want to be able to read/skim your poster and look at images.  Some people may want to spend a longer period of time looking at the content, but most will not.
●  Consider having a brief (< 3 min) narration pre-recorded that accompanies your poster.
●  Use video, web links, animations, etc. as much as you want!
●  Technically, there’s nothing to prevent you from turning your poster presentation into an oral presentation. If you choose a video presentation format, keep it short and sweet.
●  If you are planning to submit a narration or presentation for your submission, we suggest also submitting a PDF version so that viewers can read content on their own time.

Linking to your poster:

●  You will need to point us to a URL that contains your poster material.  A webform will be provided for you to do so.
●  For video content, we suggest a private (undiscoverable, but sharable) YouTube link.
●  For a more traditional poster, we suggest a read-only link to a cloud storage site such as Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.
●  If you would like your poster to receive wider publicity (e.g. outside the conference) we suggest using Twitter or other social medial to share it.  Please use the hashtag #ASB2020.

Enhanced discussion options:

ASB will provide moderated discussion boards to facilitate chat-based discussions on various topics including that of your poster. We hope that you participate in these discussions!  Links and invitations to the discussion boards will be provided on the conference website at a later date.