Registration is now open! Registration for the virtual meeting will be required to access meeting content.

Student StatusMembership StatusRegistration Fee

These registration fees are be based on a goal of breaking even on meeting-related costs (not including losses associated with cancelling the in-person meeting). It will allow us to cover the cost of Journal of Biomechanics publication of abstracts and host platforms for the virtual meeting.

Accessing Meeting Content

After registering for the meeting, you will receive an invitation email with the password to access the CrowdCompass conference schedule via the Online Event Guide (OEG) or the mobile app.

Please be sure to use the same email address you used when you registered for the conference when you log onto CrowdCompass. Keep in mind that once you log off of CrowdCompass, you may need to re-authenticate your ID via email each time you log back in.

To Access CrowdCompass through Your Web Browser, go to the vASB2020 Online Event Guide. Be sure to bookmark this url as you will need to come back to it often!

To Access CrowdCompass with your mobile device (iOS and Android only):

●  Download the mobile app onto your device: “CrowdCompass AttendeeHub”
●  Search for & select event “ASB 2020”
●  Enter password for the event (look for email with password)
●  If you need help, view this short video on how to log in via the app